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Exploring the questions of alcoholic relationship recovery.

Everyone knows addiction is a leading cause of divorce, but did you know sobriety destroys marriages, too? Sometimes – quite often, really – couples adapt their behaviors and reactions to manage heavy drinking in the marriage. It isn’t until one or both people in the relationship get sober, and the marriage dynamics change so drastically, that the bond cannot survive. Getting healthy can poison a marriage.

Matt’s good friend and outspoken recovery warrior, Simone Meyer, bravely and openly discusses her alcoholism and the damage it inflicted on her family. Her relationships with her children suffered, and there is a lot of repair work ongoing in recovery. But her marriage didn’t survive Simone’s transformation in sobriety. Listen to her brutally honest account of the collateral damage of addiction.

Why do traditional addiction recovery programs have such terrible success rates? Talk therapy, group sessions, working the steps, etc. are key components to health in sobriety, but is something missing? The Addiction Nutritionist, Kelly Miller, explains that trying to recover without a nutrition plan designed to repair the damage done in addiction is like trying to build a house without a solid foundation.

Kelly explains the Recovery Diet and how eating the right foods restores our damaged neurotransmitter function. We discuss hypoglycemia, the bio types of alcoholism, gut health, the role of amino acids in recovery and the wrong advice that is so commonly given to people in early sobriety. The information Kelly shares is so fundamental it is astonishing how under-discussed nutrition is in the world of recovery.

Have a little fun with this episode – try to count how many times Jason and Matt say, “Fascinating!”

The Addiction Nutritionist Kelly Miller

Kelly’s website is TheAddictionNutritionist.com, her page is The Addiction Nutritionist on facebook, and she is @theaddictionnutritionist on Instagram. She can be contacted at Kelly@TheAddictionNutritionist.com.

Matt’s love affair with alcohol began with sips of his dad’s beer as a kid, continued with experimentation in high school and binge drinking in college, and developed into full-blown addiction with after work cocktails and beer filled weekends as a young adult. He struggled and fought his way through life as a high-functioning alcoholic somehow managing to conceal the extent of his disease while he clung to his marriage, raised children and maintained a career.

Matt’s is a unique story. It’s only been repeated millions upon millions of times. Maybe you’ve heard it before. Listen and see if it sounds familiar.

Jason’s dance with addiction really was a journey from innocent alcohol experimentation to weed, hallucinogens, cocaine and, eventually, pornography. Jason felt incomplete until he found these different ways to escape. He fought to reconcile his addictions with his Zen practice in a 20 year quest for peace. Now, Jason seeks peace in recovery.

Shhh. Did you hear about my friend’s divorce? I hear his wife told him to quit drinking or get out. Shhh. I bet my uncle will be drunk at Thanksgiving again this year. Shhh. Our neighbors canceled the trip they planned because they had to use their vacation money for their DUI lawyer. Shhh. My boss’ daughter got kicked out of school for possession of heroine. Hard to believe in their neighborhood.

Addiction is everywhere. Addiction is killing us. Addiction is a growing epidemic, and no one is talking about it except in hushed whispers through looks of disappointment. It is long past time to start the conversation, and Jason Polk and Matt Salis are doing just that. Through our Untoxicated Podcast, we hope to answer our many question about addiction and recovery, and bring an end to the stigma…and the whispers.