Ep219 – Barbara’s Grief, Guilt and Growth

November 27, 2023

*** Warning: suicide and death are discussed

Barbara first appeared on the podcast almost three years ago on Ep70 when she shared the story of her husband’s alcoholism that led to her becoming a living organ donor before their eventual divorce. Barbara’s story has progressed significantly, and so has her understanding of the impact of alcohol on her and the man she loved. The emotional twists and turns, drenched in guilt and grief, might surprise you.

If you love or loved an alcoholic, and your recovery could benefit from connection with people who understand, please check out our Echoes of Recovery program.

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2 comments on “Ep219 – Barbara’s Grief, Guilt and Growth

  1. Gregory Rake Nov 27, 2023

    Barbara, this was tremendous. Thank you so much for sharing your story and your journey. Your story is an incredible love story. I am looking forward to your book. And thanks Matt for providing this opportunity for Barbara to share.