Jason Polk and Matt Salis are like Mutt and Jeff, Felix and Oscar, Ren and Stimpy or Wayne and Garth, depending on your point of reference. Jason is tall with short hair and a neatly trimmed beard. Matt is short with long hair and a shaved face. Jason is an addiction and relationship therapist while Matt writes about alcoholism. Jason is a Zen Buddhist who values the twelve steps to recovery. Matt is a Christian who questions the twelve steps and the AA Big Book.

While Jason and Matt have lots of differences, they share two really big things in common: They have both faced the shame and paralyzing grip of addiction, and they have more questions than answers about recovery. Now, Jason and Matt are coming together to talk about it.

Through their podcast, Untoxicated, Jason and Matt want to help bring addiction out of the shadows and into the light. They seek answers to their questions about recovery within traditional treatment programs and from alternatives that are working for fellow addiction sufferers. They investigate brain chemistry, nutrition therapy and the things that cause the shame that has long been associated with all forms of addiction.

Jason and Matt know eliminating the stigma tied to addiction is the key to addressing the deadly epidemic. They don’t have all the answers, but they have no shortage of questions. They are on a mission to find the truth and end the stigma of addiction.