Matt Salis faced the shame and paralyzing grip of addiction, and he has more questions than answers about recovery. He has written about addiction and recovery for years. Now, he really wants to talk about it.

Through his podcast, Untoxicated, Matt wants to help bring addiction out of the shadows and into the light. He seeks answers to his questions about recovery within traditional treatment programs and from alternatives that are working for fellow addiction sufferers. He investigates brain chemistry, nutrition therapy and the things that cause the shame that has long been associated with all forms of addiction.

In the early episodes, Matt is joined by good friend and fellow recovery warrior, Jason Polk. While Jason is now focused on his work as a couples therapist, he remains a strong supporter of Matt in his quest for answers.

Matt is often joined on Untoxicated episodes by his wife who is also in recovery from Matt’s alcoholism. Together, Sheri and Matt are open and vulnerable about the many issues involved in saving a marriage from the ravages of addiction. Removing alcohol from an alcoholic marriage doesn’t fix anything. Sheri and Matt are engaged in the work that’s only possible in Matt’s sobriety.

Matt knows eliminating the stigma tied to addiction is the key to addressing the deadly epidemic. He doesn’t have all the answers, but he has no shortage of questions. He is on a mission to find the truth and end the stigma of addiction.

Sheri and Matt Salis