Ep243 – Staying in the Relationship Roundtable, Part 2

May 13, 2024

Listen to Teaubrian, Rich and Ben discuss their evolution of thinking and experiences in both personal and relationship recovery after beating alcoholism. This conversation is all about authenticity and awareness of themselves and the people around them. It’s also about building something new.

If you are or were the partner of an alcoholic, please check out our Alcoholic Intimacy Survey.

If you are a high-functioning alcoholic seeking sobriety, awareness and authenticity, we invite you to check out our SHOUT Sobriety program.

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2 comments on “Ep243 – Staying in the Relationship Roundtable, Part 2

  1. Gregory Rake May 18, 2024

    Thanks so much for sharing! You are my heroes! “Sobriety without recovery”…you all shared how important this is. Really essential to understand!

    • Yes, sobriety is just the prerequisite. We all have to do the individual and relationship work. Thanks for listening and commenting, Greg!