Ep233 – Toxic Relationship Patterns with Heidi Rain

March 4, 2024

Heidi Rain is a relationship expert focused on the link between codependency and addiction. She helps people break free from toxic relationship patters. Sheri and Matt are thrilled to have her join them on the podcast, and you can learn more about her and her important work at HeidiRain.com.

If you are or were the partner of an alcoholic, please check out our Alcoholic Intimacy Survey.

If you love or loved an alcoholic, and your recovery could benefit from connection with people who understand, please check out our Echoes of Recovery program.

2 comments on “Ep233 – Toxic Relationship Patterns with Heidi Rain

  1. I have not had a bit of alcohol for 10 months and my husband has not had any for 9 months. We have been married 44 years and we drank together for most of those years. I always counted mine and went to bed at 9. My husband drank unlimited amounts and stayed up as late as he felt like. We both have symptoms of PAWS Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome but mine are more emotional and his are more physical. Have you guys ever dealt with people who have symptoms of PAWS? We are having a terrible problem getting along with each other.

    • To my knowledge, every alcoholic deals with some symptoms of PAWS, especially in the first year of sobriety. As we often say, sobriety doesn’t fix anything, but it is a prerequisite. Thanks for listening and asking. We are here to support you!