Ep208 – The Developing Story Writing Workshop for Teens

September 11, 2023

Sheri and Matt welcome the most special of guests, their daughter, Cathryn, for a return visit to the podcast. This time, instead of working through the heart wrenching experiences of Cathryn’s childhood, like they did on Ep200, they talk through all the details about their newest program: The Developing Story Writing Workshop for teens who have been impacted by alcohol abuse in the family. Cathryn shares how writing her story has helped her process the trauma, they discuss possible writing prompts, and Sheri reveals how stuffing down her father’s alcoholism has caused her lingering challenges in adulthood. If you are considering The Developing Story as part of your family’s healing process, tune in for all the details and check it out at TheDevelopingStory.org.

Sheri, Matt and Cathryn start the episode by answering a listener’s question Do you want to ask them something too? if so, send your question to [email protected].

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