Ep161 – The Value of Pain

October 17, 2022

Pain is thought of as an almost exclusively negative emotion and experience. But does pain serve a purpose? Is pain necessary for forward motion in certain scenarios? And is recovery from alcoholism one such scenario? Sheri and Matt sure think so. Their understanding of pain is not just about progress. On this episode, the couple shares their understanding of pain that can help release shame in the times when we get stuck. They also both have real-time epiphanies of about how pain influences our actions.

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4 comments on “Ep161 – The Value of Pain

  1. WOW, this week’s podcast.

    Sometimes I have felt inferior, uncomfortable, and unsuccessful while joining the group because I was not as far as everyone else in my marriage, personal recovery, and growth. I have also been in the group sometimes when I get so angry and triggered because one of my “people” is suffering a letdown or relapse that I actually get physically angry and upset and will sometime pick a fight with my husband. I guess it’s a trigger for me.

    Great topic this week!

  2. Thanks for this podcast, I really relate to this idea of trying to find the value in pain. Although I do not currently live with my husband, I have not yet decided to move back East to be closer to family. 10 years ago I would have packed up my stuff and ran. Today, I choose to stay another day, another week, another month in this state. Hoping that I am not delusional or desparate, but willing to face the pain and uncertainty of my existence here in the hope that I will come out stronger. I know that I still have lessons to learn from this experience, and moving toward comfort too quickly may rob me of the chance for personal growth.