Ep101 – Relationship Relapse Part 2

August 23, 2021

We received so much feedback about “Ep99 – Seven Fourteen Twenty-One: Relapse“, that Sheri and Matt felt compelled to address it in this unplanned follow-up episode. Some listeners were surprised to learn that challenges linger in extended recovery. Others empathized with the continued struggle. Still others felt like Matt’s insecurities continue while Sheri continues to suffer from his gaslighting. In this “Part 2” episode, Sheri and Matt address all of it. And they discuss Matt’s theories that self-esteem is the opposite of addiction, and trust is the opposite of the chaos of an alcoholic relationship.

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Echoes of Recovery

2 comments on “Ep101 – Relationship Relapse Part 2

  1. Sciencegirl Aug 29, 2021

    I would love to hear sheri’s voice more in your podcast. It feels to me as if mike talks 80% of the time. Maybe when you edit the next one try and make it 50/50 or even have Sheri talk the majority of the time.

    I sympathize with your issue here and I do wonder if you are overly focusing on the impact of alcoholism on your intimate issues? I mean if course it’s part of it, but maybe not the only part. It’s pretty common for couples in their 40’s to develop a difference jn sexual desire. Has Sheri talked to her doctor about perimenopause? A lot of women, although not all, become less interested jn sex as they get older and HRT can help restore sexual desire. It’s a tough problem, as there is also nothing wrong with the person wanting sex either .but it can be hard to resolve when one person always feels sexually deprived and the other feels pressure to have sex that they don’t want, maybe something worth discussing with a trained sex therapist. (Like Esther perell) Maybe do it as an episode, that would be cool !

    • You’re right. I do talk too much. I’ll work on that. You did make me giggle when you suggested we edit the episode. We are not over-produced like that. These are conversations we are winging on the spot. We are working on getting a sex and intimacy expert on the podcast. We hope you keep listening and can give us feedback when we do. Thanks, Sciencegirl!