Ep91 – Safety to Speak Your Truth

June 14, 2021

Rebuilding trust in an alcoholic relationship requires sobriety, and it requires time. There are no shortcuts, but there are things we can do to create a safe environment in which trust has a fighting chance to flourish. On this episode, Sheri and Matt discuss the things that held Matt back from creating a safe environment in his active alcoholism and his early sobriety, and why things are different now. The importance of this safe environment extends far beyond romantic relationships. The couple discusses the impact the change is having on their children as well.

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Echoes of Recovery

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2 comments on “Ep91 – Safety to Speak Your Truth

  1. Lisa A Jun 15, 2021

    Again, complete resonance. There is no opinion or suggestion I can give to my husband that is not met with complete and instantaneous dismissal. And as I am the sole breadwinner, I’m sure you can imagine how off putting this behavior is. We’re 1 month into sobriety, but his brain is obviously still very warped. Matt- how long sober did it take you to start to see things differently?
    And again, thank you for pulling me through this process and journey. You have no idea how helpful your stories are for moving me forward..

    • Thanks for the feedback, Lisa! We are so glad that hearing our story helps you make sense of yours. Significant change for me took a full year of sobriety before it started to take place. This is a long road, but it is so well worth the effort. Wishing you the best, Lisa!