Ep73 – Running into the Solution with Amber Graziano

February 8, 2021

She was an award winning and highly recruited high school athlete. She received a full-ride division one scholarship to Baylor University for her skills on the softball diamond. And she drank it all away. After a disastrous and drunken freshman season, Amber Graziano was cut from the team. But even drinking two decades of work and dedication down the drain wasn’t the wake-up call Amber needed. Sobriety would have to wait.

But now, Amber is making an impactful comeback! On this episode, Sheri and Matt talk to Amber about how alcohol destroyed her marriage (not in the typical way you are probably imagining), and how she stays sober for her two young sons even while the rest of her family tries to sabotage her recovery. And now, Amber is helping others find freedom and discovery through a running practice in sobriety.

To make sure you don’t miss any information about the free Untoxicated virtual 5K/10K run Amber is helping us host, please keep listening to our podcast or subscribe to our Sober and Unashamed blog. To contact Amber directly, check our her Recovery Road Runners facebook group, or go to her Recovery Road Warriors website.

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