Ep65 – Karen Explains that You can have a Life on the Other Side

December 7, 2020

Karen’s life did not go as planned. She married the man she loved, and they had four kids together. So far, so good. But when the progression of her husband’s drinking spiraled out of control, she realized she was living through a, “slow-motion car wreck.” To protect her kids, to protect herself, Karen filed for divorce. She reluctantly chose, “the nuclear option,” as she describes it. But here’s the good news, and such an important message for anyone in the same situation. Karen shares that, “the worst happened, and it was survivable.”

On this episode, Karen shares her story of resilience and healing. Sheri and Matt thank her for explaining that even when marriage is sacred, important and religiously unbreakable, it still ends in divorce sometimes. Karen explains her dog therapy technique, and she shows us all what strength to rebuilt looks like.

If you love an alcoholic, and your recovery could benefit from connection with people who understand, please check out our Echoes of Recovery program.

Echoes of Recovery

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3 comments on “Ep65 – Karen Explains that You can have a Life on the Other Side

  1. Jill Meadors Dec 10, 2020

    This, just THIS!!! Thank you all for sharing this….thank you especially, karen for sharing your story.
    I am a wife who lives an alcoholic. I have 7 kids, been married 22 years, known him since I was 17. I am now 44.
    We have been up, down, all over the board. We have been seperated for the last 5 months. This isn’t our first rodeo.
    This week has been such a struggle, honestly. So much of what you said and shared, I could relate to. I took so much away from this. Thank you for helping me not to feel so alone in this journey.

    • Thank you for the feedback, Jill. Your struggle is real, and we have supports for those who love an alcoholic. I hope we can work together on your recovery.

    • Karen Dec 10, 2020

      Jill, thank you for responding. It was a hard decision to go “on the record” with my story, but hearing from you makes me glad I did. I’m sorry for your situation… but I hope you keep looking for help and resources like Echoes of Recovery!