Ep5 – When Sobriety Ends the Marriage

January 30, 2019

Everyone knows addiction is a leading cause of divorce, but did you know sobriety destroys marriages, too? Sometimes – quite often, really – couples adapt their behaviors and reactions to manage heavy drinking in the marriage. It isn’t until one or both people in the relationship get sober, and the marriage dynamics change so drastically, that the bond cannot survive. Getting healthy can poison a marriage.

Matt’s good friend and outspoken recovery warrior, Simone Meyer, bravely and openly discusses her alcoholism and the damage it inflicted on her family. Her relationships with her children suffered, and there is a lot of repair work ongoing in recovery. But her marriage didn’t survive Simone’s transformation in sobriety. Listen to her brutally honest account of the collateral damage of addiction.

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4 comments on “Ep5 – When Sobriety Ends the Marriage

  1. Jason,
    Thanks for the insight on “Resentment to the 3rd” Helped me understand something that has had me vexed for the 28 years I have been married.