Ep4 – The Addiction Nutritionist: What You Eat Can Heal You

January 7, 2019

Why do traditional addiction recovery programs have such terrible success rates? Talk therapy, group sessions, working the steps, etc. are key components to health in sobriety, but is something missing? The Addiction Nutritionist, Kelly Miller, explains that trying to recover without a nutrition plan designed to repair the damage done in addiction is like trying to build a house without a solid foundation.

Kelly explains the Recovery Diet and how eating the right foods restores our damaged neurotransmitter function. We discuss hypoglycemia, the bio types of alcoholism, gut health, the role of amino acids in recovery and the wrong advice that is so commonly given to people in early sobriety. The information Kelly shares is so fundamental it is astonishing how under-discussed nutrition is in the world of recovery.

Have a little fun with this episode – try to count how many times Jason and Matt say, “Fascinating!”

The Addiction Nutritionist Kelly Miller

Kelly’s website is TheAddictionNutritionist.com, her page is The Addiction Nutritionist on facebook, and she is @theaddictionnutritionist on Instagram. She can be contacted at [email protected].

9 comments on “Ep4 – The Addiction Nutritionist: What You Eat Can Heal You

  1. Concerned Registered Dietitian Jun 27, 2021

    Please consult a Registered Dietitian for evidenced based information. I was so excited for this podcast, and was disappointed with the false information provided. Eating for your blood type has no scientific evidence. At this point I had to stop wasting my time.

    Every Dietitian is a Nutritionist.
    Not every Nutritionist is a Dietitian.

    • Kelly’s information shared on this episode changed my life. She is educated, has credentials, and cares deeply about people suffering from addiction. Thank you for anonymously sharing your opinion. I appreciate alternate viewpoints.

  2. Jenny Jan 22, 2022

    I was blown away by this.Probably one of the most eye opening podcasts I’ve heard re diet and cravings.Thank you so much,I have a lot more hope now.

  3. Carboholic! Thats terrifying….My mind is blown…. I am not a food eater, but clearly should be.