Ep120 – Hard-Earned Tears with Kathy

January 3, 2022

“I look at the face that looks back at me from the mirror, and it’s jarring. I look like I’ve aged ten years in just this last one. But it’s more than superficial. The heartbreak that came with my husband’s near death with end-stage alcoholism has cracked open my heart.” Kathy has learned so much while she endured tremendous pain, and on this episode, she shares both her experiences, and her passion for change in the way our society views and manages alcohol and addiction. She explains how she sees alcohol everywhere, creating chaos and dysfunction. And she explains why the normalization of alcohol abuse, and the low success rates in addiction recovery, can no longer be tolerated.

Kathy references Inside Recovery by Anne Fletcher.

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One comment on “Ep120 – Hard-Earned Tears with Kathy

  1. Dawn Hargrove-Avery Jan 3, 2022

    Yes, Kathy! We do have a voice in this, it is our story as well. Loved your podcast.