Ep38 – It Turns Out My Wife’s Not a Bitch

May 8, 2020

I had a huge ego as an active alcoholic. I thought I was great. My wife, Sheri, found me repulsive and stupid, and she felt betrayed by my love of alcohol. When I stopped drinking, Sheri’s feelings and attitude did not automatically change. I was sober and our relationship continued to deteriorate. I thought I was married to a bitch.

In this episode, Matt and Sheri talk about my awakening – my realization that our relationship problems were not all her fault. The challenge of blaming the disease, and having patience in recovery, is what trips up most relationships in recovery, resulting in so many divorces.

If you are the loved on of an alcoholic, we encourage you to check out our Echoes of Recovery program where we offer connection and understanding of our shared stories. You are not a bitch, and we know it. Checks us out at:


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