Ep25 – My Alcoholism is Not a Spiritual Problem

November 25, 2019

In this episode, I share a speech I gave to a community of people recovering from alcoholism through the twelve steps. It was not an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, though many of the people in the audience were AA participants. In the speech I make the argument that alcoholism is not a spiritual problem for me, so a spiritual solution is no solution at all. The speech led to a lively, yet open-minded discussion. Now I want to know what you think. I hope you’ll listen, share a comment or send me an email at [email protected].

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6 comments on “Ep25 – My Alcoholism is Not a Spiritual Problem

  1. Karen Nov 30, 2019

    Wow, I have tears flowing down! Your speech was so incredibly moving and I just embraced your message. I am a former special education teacher and administrator. I lost a lot due to alcohol and I am fighting really hard to come back. Thank you so much for helping us in a different way – it’s working.

  2. Michael Jan 22, 2020

    Loved this speech and the point made about AA. I have just begun my sobriety (again) and plan on doing it differently this time, just haven’t figured what that is yet. However, I know for a fact that AA does not, has not, and will not work for me. I had been sent to two treatments by the Navy in the past….first was a two week in-patient for “alcohol abuse” which focused on drinking responsibly; the second was a 30 day in-patient treatment at a mental hospital for alcoholism. Each time, each treatment, was structured similarly to AA, and we were forced to attend AA meetings. That never worked. Like you, I have always been spiritual. I have always believed in God, I have read the Bible, I go to church and actually enjoy it….spirituality is not what is missing. Hell, I remember many times getting completely blasted on a Saturday, waking up and going to church with a smile on my face and feeling better afterwards. AA and the twelve steps are great programs and more power to those that it works for, that just ain’t me. I understand everything that AA is about and has to offer; I have read the books, been thru the steps at an advanced pace via in-patient treatment, I’ve watched “My Name is Bill W” on Amazon, and I have been to the meetings – it does absolutely nothing for me. In fact, the mere thought of having to sit thru an hour meeting where people discuss how great AA is makes me want to drive my car into a very strong brick wall. My wife is still learning about alcoholism and recovery (she actually introduced me to your page via the small book your wife wrote). She is currently convinced that I need to go to AA, get a sponsor, etc. etc. From her current view, if I am not at an AA meeting then I am not serious about my sobriety, so I reluctantly attend to appease her and give her some comfort because I know that this is hard for her to understand. I am so so excited that I found your website and I feel comfort in the fact that I am not alone in feeling that AA is not for me and that I can be sober without it.

    • Thanks for listening and commenting, Michael! I love that you plan on doing differently this time. Please let me know if we can help!

  3. melissa Maxey Aug 2, 2021

    great podcast