Ep167 – No Longer Pretending with Karen and Adam

November 28, 2022

A manicured lawn, beautiful social media photos, and a well-kept house are often signs that something sinister lurks hiding behind the perfection. On this episode, Sheri and Matt welcome Karen and Adam to the conversation because of their experiences with no longer pretending. They discuss the incredible relief found in moving past the stoic wall, refusing to portray everything as “fine,” and finding a communities – both small and large – where we can be 100% authentic. What goes up, must come down. But the things we push down, eventually, must come up and out, too.

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4 comments on “Ep167 – No Longer Pretending with Karen and Adam

  1. Thomas J Nelson Nov 30, 2022

    Still enjoy reading your blogs, you have a gift and I am sure many are benefiting from your sage, well-written blogs. I hope this finds
    , Cheri and family are well. I think of you often in my GH travels thru CO. Happy holidays.
    GH Dillon Mt.

  2. This episode had a lot of great points from everybody.
    Sheri- “Your feet are your foundation and if your feet don’t feel good you won’t make good decisions”. 100%. I wear minimal shoes with 4mm soles specifically so I can stay grounded in stressful situations at the hospital. I feel strong, stable, energized and ready for anything.
    Karen- “Learning to say no and set boundaries” this was actually where it all started for me, before I even recognized the alcohol addiction. I was miserable, working 70hrs a week for an unscrupulous health care agency. Took hearing from another nurse I looked up to (actually several nurses) its ok to say no, take care of yourself first etc.
    Adam -“Life is a teacher” yes it is and I often remind myself of this when reflecting on my current circumstances and how I wound up in similar situations but 10 years apart. yet fortunately there are differences and I am learning…
    Matt- video games and social media are the leading edge of addictions. Anna Lembke MD talks about this a lot in Dopamine Nation