Ep48 – Fairytale: When Relationship Recovery Feels Out of Reach

August 3, 2020

We asked a group of loved ones of alcoholics to read a chapter of our book, soberevolution, that will be released on September 23rd. The chapter is titled “Healing Wounds,” and it is about working through the resentments of an alcoholic marriage, dealing with damage done to the kids, rebuilding trust and the important role of patience. The focus group described the chapter as a fairytale. They did not feel like their alcoholic relationships could ever reach the goal of repair.

In this episode, Sheri and Matt talk about the long and arduous process of making the fairytale a reality. We talk about how emotionally immature I was, and how far away I was from understanding what was happening to our marriage, before I was in long-term sobriety. Our story is not an impossible fairytale, but it does require work and patience.

If you are the loved one of an alcoholic, and your recovery could benefit from connection with people who understand, please check out our Echoes of Recovery program.

Echoes of Recovery

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