Ep18 – Getting Our Marriage Unstuck with Jason & Lana

August 12, 2019

Sheri and I are stuck. We have made tremendous progress in the recovery of our relationship, now in the third year of my sobriety, but resentments from the past continue to haunt us. We have unpacked, dealt with, explored, rehashed, discussed and worked through all of the issues. We have apologized – me for my drunken behavior, and Sheri for her angry responses – sincerely and endlessly. But it isn’t enough to free Sheri of the burdens of resentment.

Good news – Jason is back. Untoxicated Podcast co-founder and licensed addiction counselor and couples therapist Jason Polk is our guest, and he is joined by his friend Lana Isaacson, also a licenced couples therapist and addiction counselor. They offer suggestions about releasing resentments and getting unstuck, as well as tips on a host of other topics faced by relationships in recovery.

Lana Isaacson, Jason Polk and Sheri & Matt Salis

We are proud to recommend the workshop Lana and Jason are hosting for couples in recovery. They call it, “Have Each Other’s Backs Again,” and it will be held November 10th in suburban Denver. What a great way to get your marriage back on track after dealing with trauma from alcoholism or anything else that has you stuck. For more information, or to register, go to Lana’s website or Jason’s website.

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