Ep14 – SHOUT Sobriety Week 4

June 19, 2019

The disease of alcoholism has many victims. The spouses and children of an alcoholic are victims. The parents and friends of an alcoholic are victims, too. The victim we forget is the alcoholic. If you are convinced alcoholism is a disease like I am, then the person afflicted with the disease is most definitely a victim. What other disease can you name where the victim is the target of blame and shame? That is no way to heal.

Another important point we address in week four of the SHOUT Sobriety program is our emotional immaturity. When we have spent years, and even decades, drowning our emotions in booze, we are completely ill equiped to deal with emotions in sobriety. Our emotional maturity is frozen at the age when we started medicating with alcohol, and we have some serious maturing to do.

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