Ep1 – So What is Untoxicated All About?

November 9, 2018

Shhh. Did you hear about my friend’s divorce? I hear his wife told him to quit drinking or get out. Shhh. I bet my uncle will be drunk at Thanksgiving again this year. Shhh. Our neighbors canceled the trip they planned because they had to use their vacation money for their DUI lawyer. Shhh. My boss’ daughter got kicked out of school for possession of heroine. Hard to believe in their neighborhood.

Addiction is everywhere. Addiction is killing us. Addiction is a growing epidemic, and no one is talking about it except in hushed whispers through looks of disappointment. It is long past time to start the conversation, and Jason Polk and Matt Salis are doing just that. Through our Untoxicated Podcast, we hope to answer our many question about addiction and recovery, and bring an end to the stigma…and the whispers.

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2 comments on “Ep1 – So What is Untoxicated All About?

  1. Good start. Look forward to hearing what you guys discover when you get experts in their fields, ie. nutrition and brain science involved.