Ep28 – Bar Zero: Great Food, Exotic Drinks, Fun People with No Alcohol

January 14, 2020

Emily Schrader has always been a risk taker. Drinking alcohol and doing drugs was a natural fit for a woman living life on the edge. Now, with 15 years of sobriety, she is taking a different kind of risk putting everything she’s got into her non-profit mission called Bar Zero. Starting as a catering company that offers an exotic dry bar experience, Bar Zero will eventually grow into a full brick and mortar restaurant and bar here in Denver. With the “sober curious” movement proving to be more than a passing trend, I’m not sure her vision is much of a risk at all. After hearing her story of redemption, compassion, dedication and proven experience, I’m excited to see what the future holds for those of us who want a place where we fit, with a wide variety of mixed drinks, hold the poison. Visionaries like Emily are making the dream happen in cities all over the United States. Only listen if you want to get excited about it, too.

For more information about Bar Zero, to contact Emily Schrader or to get involved with their mission, please checkout their website.

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