Ep22 – Gray Area Drinking with Christy Wynne

October 14, 2019

Christy Wynne didn’t have a spectacular, catastrophic, up-in-flames relationship with alcohol. Sure, she partied for many years, but she decided to leave the booze behind because she just didn’t feel right, and she could deny the cause of her health just being off no longer. Now she has taken her sobriety to new levels by coaching other gray area drinkers and speaking out about the damage caused to women by the mommy wine culture. In this episode, we debate the use of the label, “alcoholic,” and talk about Christy’s one-day-at-a-time approach to sobriety versus Matt’s commitment to permanent sobriety. The bottom line is that there is a wide spectrum of people who are questioning their relationship with alcohol, and Christy shares what she has learned about treating each person individually to help them feel better and reach full potential.

Christy is @danceyourselfcleancoaching on facebook and Instagram, and you can check out her website and email below:


[email protected]

Here’s an article published in Urban Life Wash Park in January of 2019 where Christy discusses gray area drinking:

Alcohol and Women: The Unsexy Truth

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