Ep20 – Alcoholism is More Prolific than Cancer, and We Are the Cure

September 19, 2019

Almost 15 million Americans have cancer, but there are more than 15 million American alcoholics. Addiction to alcoholism touches all of our lives. In this speech designed to inform and destigmatize, I talk about how victims of cancer are treated with love and care while victim of alcoholism are treated with scorn and shame. The cure for alcoholism is available to us in changed attitudes and in the voices of those of us willing to tell our stories – willing to wear the label alcoholic without fear. It is a speech about misperception and bravery. It is about societal influence and rejecting the stigma. Most of all, it is about the cure.

For more information about speaking opportunites, please visit the Outspoken page of my SoberAndUnashamed.com website, or contact me at [email protected].

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