Ep16 – SHOUT Sobriety Week 6

June 21, 2019

God has an important place in my life. He always has. I am a very spiritual person, and I pray constantly both now and back when I was in active alcoholism. That’s why I don’t believe God wants us to let go and let God. For me, God has given direction to my life, but he expects me to do the work to get sober. I don’t believe alcoholism is a spiritual problem. I believe it is a brain disease. My faith helps me, but it is not required for permanent sobriety. That’s why we leave God mostly out of our SHOUT Sobriety program. We want you to feel welcomed regardless of you spirituality or beliefs.

On this episode, we are talking about preparing to send a coming out letter to announce your alcoholism to the world. That’s what I did a year into my sobriety, and the day I sent that email was the best day of my life. You don’t need to send it today in week six of this program, but it is important to begin crafting the letter and prepare to announce your enlightenment to the world.

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