Ep12 – SHOUT Sobriety Week 2

June 14, 2019

In week 2 of SHOUT Sobriety, the topic could not be more important. This week we are focused on brain chemistry. We lean how our alcohol consumption hijacks our neurotransmitters and controls the reward pathways in our brains withholding pleasure from us unless we give our brains alcohol. We also learn about the power of the subconscious mind. It really doesn’t matter that we have decided on a conscious level to quit drinking. Until we give our massively powerful subconscious time to learn new patterns, our brain will be screaming for us to give it alcohol.

This truly is vitally important, life changing stuff, and I hope you enjoy and feel insightful relief from what you hear.

*SHOUT Sobriety is a donation-based program, and a $25 per month recurring donation is required to help us keep alive our mission to crush the stigma. For more information, or to enroll, please click below:

SHOUT Sobriety

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